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We are a female only salon offering full body waxing made with 100% Pure Organic Honey. Our Honey Waxing is Hypoallergenic, no chemicals added, and it's freshly made by our Honey Queen Ariana. It's very soft and gentle in the skin avoiding ingrown hairs, long sensitivity, & hair breakage. Since we don't use any chemical there is no damage on your skin and the hair is pulled out of the follicle completely. For those that is allergic to any bee product, we offer a great Organic Wax. We are always looking for best quality to services to our clientele.

Wax Appointment


The Honey Queen Brazilian Waxing Logo. HQ Letters with a queens crown on top


this is a photo of a women with soft waxed legs


Sam G., client

"I came here for my first time and it was a great experience. Ariana made me feel very comfortable and happy she was talking to me while I was getting my wax done and she was very quick as well. Will be going back!"

Xochitl u., client

"This was my first Brazilian wax and Ariana was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and within what felt like minutes I was done! I am definitely happy I chose to transition from shaving to waxing because I will be coming back to Ariana and like she said I'll be trusting the process! 10/10 recommend."

Nayeli M., client

"She is he best of the best! You don't even have time to think it's going to hurt because by the time you start wondering, she is done!"

Nina L., client

"I am SO glad I went with Ariana! I will never, ever see anyone else. The whole thing took 15 minutes and was nowhere near as painful as I expected. My skin was barely even irritated afterward, and I have sensitive skin and a low pain tolerance so I was prepared for the worst. Seriously, do not go elsewhere. I will be seeing Ariana every month going forward!"


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